Due to circumstances beyond our control, the event has been postponed

We are working hard to locate a better facility to host our event.  Thank you for your support.

Other Attractions after the race

KSR Motorsports has returned with new stunts

Jack of KSR will have a larger track with new jumps to add to the fun of riding in back.  Also adding crushing of cars.

Tug of War Challenge

Calling on all schools,  military, business groups, sports teams to enter our Tug of War Challenge.  Great fun for a great cause.

Thank you Phanatic & Swoop

Thank you both for adding so much fun to our event last year

Support your Community & local Veterans

Pennsylvania Pride

All Funds raised will be donated to the PA Veterans Trust Fund.

Mock accident demonstration

Sadsburyville Fire Department will demonstrate life saving skills in an entrapment mock accident 

Effects of Texting & Driving

Live demonstrations of distracted driving

Hammer out Distracted Driving

Take your turn at hammering out DD

$1.00 per hit $5.00 minimum 

A special Salute to Vietnam Veterans

A special Auction and tribute to our Vietnam Vets after lunch

Car Crush Distracted Driving

After everyone has their turn of crushing out DD, KSR will take his turn and Crushing out Distracted Driving 

Please help us build on last years success

Veterans Day November 11, 2017

Well we all did it!  We raised enough funds to pay for the chair, the raffle prizes and award the DAV the balance remaining of 2,000.00  Well Done everyone !!  Thank you !!

Mission Statement

This year's goal is to bring awareness to the needs of PA Veterans and their families and how you can help.   Our State has it's own non-profit just for our Vets.  WWW.DMVA.PA.GOV and the Veteran Trust Fund. WWW.VTF.STATE.PA.GOV

By donating to these funds your money goes directly to those in need in our State.

Vendors & Corporate Sponsors needed

Our Veterans and their families need your support. Please come out and be a part of something special and also learn more about our community and the needs of Veterans.

Location and times

1st Battalion, 111th Infantry Regiment

5K registration 8AM.

Race begins 9 AM til 12PM

Events begin at 12pm - 4PM

National Guard Armory

150 Waverly blvd. Coatesville, PA 19320


Drop us a line!