PA Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs

Veterans Trust Fund

The mission of the Veterans’ Trust Fund (VTF), administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA), is to assist and support Pennsylvania veterans and their families.

The VTF issues grants to statewide charitable organizations that assist veterans, veterans service organizations and county directors of veterans affairs to assist veterans in need of shelter and necessities of living.

Sources of Funds
Funding for the Veterans’ Trust Fund was established by law (51 Pa.C.S. § 1721) and it includes:
Transfer of funds after the sale of the former Scotland School for Veterans’ ChildrenProceeds from the voluntary $3 donations from people applying for or renewing their Pennsylvania driver’s license or photo ID and renewing motor vehicle registrationsProceeds from the sale of the “Honoring Our Veterans” standard and motorcycle license plateGrants, gifts and donations from a person, business, or governmental entity (Make an online donation now)Money appropriated to the fund

How much of each dollar donated actually goes to the VTF?
One hundred percent of all donations go into the VTF, and DMVA charges no administrative costs, salaries or contract costs to the Fund.

About the Veterans’ Trust Fund

The Veterans’ Trust Fund (VTF) was established in 2012 by Pennsylvania law (51 Pa. C. S. § 1721). The VTF is a special, non-lapsing fund of the Pennsylvania State Treasury. The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is authorized to solicit and accept donations to the VTF on behalf of the Commonwealth.For tax purposes, donations to the Veterans’ Trust Fund are considered “charitable contributions.”  The definition of “charitable contributions” in the Internal Revenue Code (26 USC §170(c)(1)) includes contributions to state governments that are used for public purposes. A gift or donation to the VTF is tax deductible just like, and to the same extent as, any charitable contribution. See IRS Publication 526 (Charitable Contributions).


The Pennsylvania Veterans’ Trust Fund is a program that issues grants to charitable organizations throughout Pennsylvania that assists veterans and their families.