Race Registration

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn about our days events after the race.  Come for the run and stay for the fun!

5K Race for PA Vets & Families

Military Branch Challenge

One this day we are all winners.  But it will be more fun for the Branch that wins the bragging rights.

Everyone is welcome

Come for the run and stay for the fun. :) 

Run for your Country

Please take some time to serve those who serve us everyday, all day & night.

Tug of War

History of the game

Tug of war stories about heroic champions from Scandinavia and Germany circulate Western Europe where Viking warriors pull on animal skins over open pits of fire in tests of strength and endurance, in preparation for battle and plunder.[when?] 1500 and 1600 – tug of war is popularised during tournaments in French châteaux gardens and later in Great Britain 1800 – tug of war begins a new tradition among seafaring men who were required to tug on lines to adjust sails while ships were under way and even in battle

Generate excitement

All schools and any group can enter and challenge other teams.

The Best of the Best Challenge

Active duty and prior service can make their own teams to match up against all the branches of the Military - for fun of course.